Needle Exchange No, No

May 13, 2008

On May 5th, the Texas Attorney General issued an opinon on the new needle exchange program for Bexar County (i.e., San Antonio). Needless to say, it was not in favour.

In sum:  If, however, Bexar County elects to include such a needle- and syringe-exchange program as part of this overall disease-prevention program, the participants in that program appear to be subject to prosecution under the Texas Controlled Substances Act because the Legislature did not except them from such prosecution.

Burka, Texas Monthly Editor and blogger, says this became an issue when the Bexar Co. DA said she would prosecute anyone who participates in such a program. This program was an amendment to SB 10, but this issue began way back in 2007, during the Legislative session, when a couple of reactionaries in the House tried to kill the idea.

The Senate legislation was SB 308 by Doctor Bob Deuell (Republican). It passed the Senate, and then died in the House committee. Two House bills were filed. One by McClendon (who is from San Antonio) and the other by Solomon Ortiz, Jr. McClendon’s bill became the amendment to SB 10. There was quite a fight over this amendment with Betty Brown (or one of those other reactionary old biddies) leading the way.

The people standing in the way of good public policy are using this as a club to bash their political opponents or buttress their own flagging credentials of being “tough” on crime. Forget whether or not this program would actually work (it’s a freaking pilot program for goodness sakes; notice how these reactionaries have no problem with pilot programs for vouchers, etc., because they are politically popular and the education establishment is a viable whipping boy). A program that could save lives and save revenue isn’t expedient, because the direct beneficiary is a pariah – the druggie. (Just remember what recently happened to Rep. Jerry Madden in this year’s primary election).

Good policy should not take a back seat to political skulduggery and posturing for the voters.


Coming Again

May 13, 2008

Finally found some free time. The last 4 months have been insanely busy. And the next 6 months aren’t going to be any less taxing. Feels like I missed a lot. So many things that I wanted to post on are no longer relevant at this time. Oh well.

The only thing there is to talk about is the election, and as exciting as that is, I think I would rather suffer some waterboarding rather than watch this campaign continue.

A Job for the Porn Pastor

December 19, 2007

seniorsex.jpgThe porn pastor better get down to Georgie quick, because the pastor of the Chapel Hill Harvester Church is you know what deep in sex scandals:

The 80-year-old leader of a suburban Atlanta megachurch is at the center of a sex scandal of biblical dimensions: He slept with his brother’s wife and fathered a child by her.

Nice, well that breaks one of the Ten Commandments, and he committed perjury which led to the discovery of this sin, so that’s another one, but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg here:

The archbishop, his brother and the church are being sued by former church employee Mona Brewer, who says Earl Paulk manipulated her into an affair from 1989 to 2003 by telling her it was her only path to salvation. In 1992, a church member claimed she was pressured into a sexual relationship with Don Paulk. Other women also claimed they had been coerced into sex with Earl Paulk and other members of the church’s administration.

Why this man has any role in the church whatsoever is beyond me. At least Catholics shift their offenders to a different parish.

Don’t Smoke and Drive

November 20, 2007

ist2_1290275_smoking_car.jpgRight next to banning smoking in private residences, we have banning smoking in private vehicles:

An anti-tobacco coalition of 37 health and welfare groups is calling on the NSW [New South Wales] Government to ban smoking in cars carrying children… Anti-smoking coalition spokeswoman Anne Jones said independent research showed smoking in cars not only placed children at risk of secondhand smoke but increased the risk of accident and fire.

Thank the heavens for these dogooders. Let’s all give them a hand, or maybe just a finger. More of the same nanny state bullshit that seeks to guide you through life from cradle to grave all couched in the illogical, emotional pablum that is “for the children.”

Well, in the immortal words of George Carlin: “Fuck the children.”

Not be outdone by their Kiwi cousins, the Canucks are the first to ban smoking in cars:

Starting next June, if you’re in a car in Wolfville with a child and you light up, you’re in trouble. This small Nova Scotia town of 3,600 made history Monday night when it became the first in the country to ban smoking in vehicles if there’s a child on board.

Can Granny Get a Drink?

November 19, 2007

drunk-grandma.jpgI think we’ve been here before.

No ID grandmother refused alcohol

Tina MacNaughton-Jones, 47, of Worthing, Sussex, was told she could not buy wine at the town’s Waitrose because she could not prove her age. Her 22-year-old daughter, who had ID, offered to buy the wine but was refused because she might “give it to her”. Waitrose said a member of staff had been a “little overzealous”.

A little overzealous? No shit sherlock. Overzealous doesn’t even begin to describe this stupidity. Not only would they not sell the wine to the grandma, they wouldn’t sell it to her of age daughter, because she might give the wine to her mother. Here’s a clue numbnuts: if the daughter is old enough to buy, then I bet the mom is too.

XXXclaiming the Good News

November 12, 2007

When I saw this I was positively tickled: “Profile: Craig Gross, fighting pornography”

Gross, 31, is The Porn Pastor. He co-founded, a 5-year-old online ministry dedicated to helping people who struggle with pornography.

accountabilibuddiesWhat tickles me is that there is a ministry dedicated solely to porn addiction. It’s basically AA for pornaholics. You even get an accountabilibuddy:

His site offers software that alerts an “accountability” friend if you view online porn.

Haha. Now you have to be accountabilibuddiable, or else you and your porn addicted friend might have problems. Of course, you could use this tool to let you know if he/she is looking at any good porn sites, which is actually a good idea.

They certainly have a dread of porn though, because his wife makes people shorten the word to ‘P’. Can it be that bad of a word? The P-word.

Looking around the website, I found a section on masturbation in which they say masturbation is bad, but give no real reference as to why, other than “when you jack it, god will kill kittens.” Very moving, and certainly addresses the issue in “non threatening way.” Yeah right, because talking about the topic is so threatening to begin with that you have to bring in killing kittens. The typical scriptual reference for the moral wrong of masturbation is the sin of Onan (Genesis 38:1-30):

The fixation of modern Christianity with masturbation is because they (perhaps) do not understand the laws involved and prefer to ignore, or trivialise, the issues. This appears to be done so that people are deceived regarding the real prohibitions. Masturbation is irregular in that the individual is open to sin at the higher levels that Christ laid on the elect in thought (e.g. Mat. 5:28). There is, however, no legislation concerning the matter.

This is what says:

jlps.jpgWe have had literally thousands of emails about this particular issue. We have heard all the scenarios. “Well if I think about fruit while I’m masturbating, then that is not sin.” Well isn’t that clever. Or…”If I’m giving glory to the Lord while I’m doing it, then that can’t be wrong.” Hmmm. Why don’t we just make that part of our Sunday morning services then? We have heard all the Pro-Masturbation Christian arguments and I wonder if these people are really dealing in reality. It’s all very intellectual and quite scholarly, but we still don’t get it. Sorry.

Masters of logic they are! And speaking of masturbtion and other prohibited acts in Bible, I notice the article says Mr. Gross is adorned with earrings. Isn’t that scripturally prohibited?

Now obviously there are various interpretations of these laws and rules, which should make Mr. Gross think before he casually dismisses other arguments as crazy.

A Swing and A Strike

November 8, 2007

swinger.jpgThe City of Ducanville, Texas is planning to crack down on swingers, because heaven forbid that people have group sex in private.

She [councilwoman Johnette Jameson (her parents must have wanted a boy)] said the ordinance is targeting public nuisances related to the Cherry Pit club rather than what people are doing as part of the club.

Sure thing Johnette, because parking in the big metropolis of Duncanville is such a problem, especially on the weekends. I think Johnette may be jealous that she’s not going to these parties (the Cherry Pit is in her district). And apparently Duncanville isn’t too proud of this ordinance since it isn’t being promoted on their website, and I cannot find it on their site. But, I did find mention of it in their agenda:

Consider approval of Ordinance No. 2039 amending the Code of Ordinances by adding Chapter 11B to provide for sex club regulations; providing for purpose and scope; providing for enforcement; providing for responsibility for compliance; providing for definitions; providing for the declaration for operation and maintenance of a sex club as a public nuisance and prohibited; providing for the abatement of public nuisance; and providing for the penalty of fine not to exceed the sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000) for each offense.

And according to the Dallas Morning News:

The ordinance defines a sex club as “any premises, person or organization that is presented, advertised, held out or styled as, or which provides notification to the public that it is a swinger’s club; an adult encounter group or center; a sexual encounter group or center; party house or home; wife, spouse or partner-swapping club; or that it provides permission, an opportunity or an invitation to engage in or to view sexual activity, stimulation or gratification, whether for consideration or not.”

cherrypppit.jpgAnd all this is necessary to address the parking problem. This ordinance doesn’t address a public nuisance; it regulates private behaviour in a private residence, and the city council, et al can’t even be honest about why they’re introducing these regulations on private behaviour. They cite parking as the issue, when the real motive is their distaste for the behaviour. Nothing bothers me more than pusillaminous, prevaricating moralists.

So, visit the Cherry Pit, contribute to their defense fund, and piss off the neighbours.